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 Covid 19 Weddings

Covid 19 caused a lot of heartache and disappointment to thousands of couples who had planned to get married in 2020 and 2021. 2022 and beyond are now looking more promising, with venues prepared should any pandemic threaten weddings again.

Working within government guidelines, wedding venues and those who work within them, have been looking at solutions to ensure couples still have their dream weddings, albeit with a smaller number of guests. 

Where Registrars do not allow brides to walk down the aisle during Covid, venues and Celebrants have worked together to create bespoke ceremonies, after the brief legalities have been conducted by the registrars prior to the celebratory ceremony, 

It is quite usual now for couples to be dressed in casual clothing or even dressing gowns for the legal bit, before changing into their wedding outfits for the actual ceremony.


Couples create their own ceremony with the help of the Celebrant, with all the elements they want included: accompanied walk down the aisle, vows, ring exchange and readings delivered by family members. Entrance and exit music is also allowed.

The venue and celebrant adhere to Covid Risk Assessments to ensure the risk of infection is totally minimised, and will advise the couple on how to make their ceremonies even more special and safe.

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