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Jan Grayson Celebrant


Jan, very happily married to John for 45 years has 3 grown up children. It was when her 2 daughters became engaged within a year of one another, that Jan's interest in weddings and ceremonies took hold.

Both girls wanted their weddings in 2018 to be special, but very different from one another, as their chosen tastes in themes, music and venues reflected them and their partners as individuals.

It was while visiting one of their preferred venues and looking through the website that Jan came across the term 'Celebrant'. Investigating further, Jan, a former teacher, realised that she too had the personal qualities, capabilities and desire to follow this route into a new and interesting career, and so she signed up for the Civil Ceremonies Ltd Level 3 Diploma in Naming and Couples (RCF) qualification.

The intensive training Jan received and numerous follow-up ceremony bookings has been invaluable, as well as enjoyable, due to the happy nature of the events.

Attending ceremonies in her official capacity is one of the most satisfying jobs she has ever undertaken.

Jan, a Christian, specialises in faith based ceremonies when couples who are not regular church goers would like a blessing and/or other religious rituals, included in their ceremony, for example,  candle lighting, handfasting, religious wording (bible readings) and decorations, all of which are not allowed by Registrars during their ceremonies. Music, including hymns and songs can also enhance a celebrant-led ceremony.

As well as planning and delivering  her eldest daughter's ceremony in 2018 , and many others since, mostly at Bassmead Manor Barns, a beautiful venue between Bedford and St.Neots, she looks forward to creating bespoke ceremony packages for other couples and families to help them realise their own dream event.

"Jan performed a beautiful ceremony for us. It was very moving and personal. We couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate our love for one another"-Jemma 

"Jan was amazing, such a beautiful and personal ceremony xx "- Kerry

"Great ceremony Jan at Bassmead Manor Farms, St Neots in April 2018. You managed to mastermind a great balance between the necessary formality required by law and the smiling, informal friendliness that made the whole ceremony relaxing for the bride and groom and highly enjoyable for all the families, friends and participants. Well done. Keep smiling."   John C.

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