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Naming Ceremonies

The birth of a baby, or the adoption of a child is one of the most important, joyous events in the life of any family.

A Naming Ceremony is designed to be a very special celebration to welcome your child into the wider family.

Once a child has been registered at birth, there is no further legal requirement to recognise the event in any other way. However, more and more families are choosing to use a Naming Ceremony to declare their love and commitment to the child or children, while demonstrating their personal values and promise to be the best parent(s) they can be.

The Ceremony itself can be written and delivered wherever and whenever you choose. The script is written by your Celebrant, who works with you to ensure the ceremony is your own personal celebration, involving other family and friends during the actual ceremony as well as  in supporting roles as the child grows up, binding everyone together in a circle of care and love.

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